Holding Ourselves Accountable

Sustainable in Seattle!

Let’s work together to make the 2011 AFS Annual Meeting the most environmentally and socially responsible meeting ever!

Our part:

The Washington State Convention Center – the site of this year’s conference – is dedicated to operating as eco-friendly as possible. They routinely RECYCLE cardboard, plastic, metal and glass and compost food-waste. Their facilities were recently upgraded with energy efficient lighting to REDUCE energy consumption. The City was able to REUSE already disturbed land and create a community asset by building the Convention Center over an existing 12-lane freeway and adding over 3 acres of indoor and outdoor gardens. Centrally located in downtown Seattle, the Convention Center and surrounding hotels are jumping off points for Seattle’s “must-see” sites.

Your part:

We urge you to make the personal commitment to minimize your environmental impacts associated with attending the meeting. This page will continually be updated so that you can focus attention on sustainable choices and describes ways you can reduce your impact. In the mean time, here are some quick suggestions:

  • Inform yourself: there are a multitude of websites that offer tips on how to “tread lightly” on the Earth.
  • Use recycled or reusable materials; bring your own water bottle, mug, and shopping bag.
  • Unplug, turn off, and shutdown: turn off lights, computer, TV and other electronic devices when you aren’t using them.
  • Calculate your carbon footprint (www.myfootprint.org) and buy carbon credits to offset CO2 emissions associated with your travel.
  • Walk, cycle, carpool, or take public transport whenever possible.
  • Favor eco-friendly, locally made products; buy fresh locally grown produce, fish, and meat that has been sustainably grown or caught, preferably organic.
  • Patronize environmentally friendly hotels, restaurants, shops, and services.
  • Share a hotel room; turn down the thermostat; and reuse your linens (both towels and sheets).
  • Visit the AFS 2011 “Green” booth during the Tradeshow!
  • Look for a Recycle/Share table at the Registration Booth.

Ridesharing and Roomsharing Opportunities

For those of you who may be interested in ridesharing or roomsharing, a Google Group has been created at http://goo.gl/SWY9i.
Also see more carpooling options at wsdot.wa.gov


Please check this site frequently for suggestions on how to be as sustainable as possible.

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